Cooling System

closed circuit cooling System

Our closed-loop cooling system features an advanced core composed entirely of high-efficiency refrigerant coils. This innovative design allows the working fluid (such as water or other liquids) to pass through the coils, facilitating natural heat exchange with ambient air.

The result is a one-step process that is both energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, ensuring clean and unobstructed pipelines while reducing the risk of malfunctions and extending equipment lifespan.

Whether for industrial production or commercial applications, our closed-loop cooling system is a reliable choice, providing durable and efficient cooling solutions for your systems.

Cooling system details

Cooling tower details

Adopting counter-flow cooling method, the drift rate is extremely low. Fully closed circulation to eliminate clogging caused by debris. The heat exchanger adopts a building block stacking method and can be installed and disassembled layer by layer.

Stainless steel float valve

Stability control spray liquid level

Easy-to-remove air intake grille

Easy-to-remove air intake grille
Easy to disassemble and clean
Prevent spray water from splashing out
Prevent sunlight from entering the sink
Prevent algae formation
It has an air deceleration zone, which effectively directs the suction direction to the fan.

Water collector

High quality and high efficiency
Very low drift rate
Save energy and water

High-quality water pump

Energy saving, power saving, stable and efficient

Refrigeration coil

Extremely high frequency of heat exchange
High-quality materials are durable

Hot-dip galvanized steel structure

The thickness and material of the panels can be adjusted according to requirements

Energy-saving and high-efficiency three-proof fan

Ensure 24 hours of continuous trouble-free operation

Technical parameters

Cooling system technical parameters

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