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induction heating furnace

Induction Heating Furnace

Model: SGGTR
Rated Capacity: 5T
Rated Power: 500KW ~ 750KW
Rated Frequency: 300Hz ~ 500Hz
Rated Voltage Range: 380V ~ 720V
Price Range: From 1000 US Dollars

Product Description

Product Detail

Induction heating furnace use innovative induction technology to provide efficient, fast, and controlled heating. From metal melting and forging to heat treating and brazing, a variety of needs can be met.
Induction heating furnaces that provide even heat distribution, ensuring consistent and high-quality results in every process. A precise temperature control system allows precise heating regulation, giving you complete control over the physical properties of the metal.
The heating furnace is using advanced technology, which can reduce power consumption, save costs, and contribute to the green environment at the same time.

induction heating furnace

Product Parameters

Rated Capacity5T
Rated Power Range500-750 KW
Frequency Range300-500 Hz
Inline Voltage Range380-720 V


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