Induction Power Supplies for Induction Melting Furnaces

induction power supply

SG Induction Power Supply

ShenGuang designs and manufactures induction power supplies for melting furnaces and heating furnaces, with power ranges from 50KW to 30000KW and 10Hz to 8000Hz, suitable for various induction heating applications: annealing, bonding, brazing, carbide tip, casting, melting, Welding etc.

Medium Frequency Power Supplies

Technical Parameters

Inline Voltage380V/575V/660V/ 750V/1150V380V/660V/750V380V/720V/ 1000V/1500V
Pulse6 Pulses / 12 Pulses6 Pulses / 12 Pulses6 Pulses / 12 Pulses /
24 Pulses
Inline Current80A – 7926A80A – 1093A84A – 5613A
DC Voltage500V/980V/ 1000V/1500V500V/1000V/ 860V-980V500V/950V/1000V/ 1900V/1300V/2600V/ 4000V
DC Current100A – 20000A100A – 5813A100A -13462A
MF Frequency100Hz – 8000Hz100Hz – 8000Hz100Hz – 8000Hz
MF Power50KW – 30000KW50KW – 5000KW50KW – 35000KW

Power Supply Details

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