Preparation Work before Melting in Medium Frequency Induction Furnace

Before loading materials into the medium-frequency induction furnace for melting, several checks and verifications must be conducted, forming the foundation to ensure the smooth progress of the melting process.

Preparation Work before Melting

Material Verification:

Carefully check and verify the furnace materials based on the material list, including types, weights, components, and quality compliance. Loading is allowed only after confirming that all information is accurate.

Equipment Status Check:

Inspect various parts of the Melting equipment to ensure there are no faults and that the operation is normal. Melting is permitted only when the equipment is confirmed to be running properly, avoiding production interruptions or quality issues due to equipment problems.

Crucible and Slag Clearance:

Check and maintain the crucible, clear slag, and repair damaged areas. When necessary, heat treat the repaired areas to ensure the crucible can function properly during the Melting process.

Familiarity with Melting Processes:

The furnace operator and key personnel should be familiar with the melting process and operational key points for the specific steel grade. Only with a profound understanding of the melting process can the implementation of the Melting process be guaranteed.

After completing the aforementioned preparatory tasks, material loading can commence. These checks and verifications are conducted to ensure the quality of materials and the proper functioning of equipment, providing a reliable foundation for the Melting operation and ultimately ensuring a smooth Melting process.


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