What is IGBT Power Technology

The full name of IGBT is Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor.
It is a composite fully controlled voltage-driven power semiconductor device, consisting of bipolar transistor (BJT) and insulated gate field effect transistor (MOS).
IGBT combines the advantages of MOSFET and BJT and has the characteristics of high input impedance, high switching speed, low saturation voltage, etc., making it an ideal choice for semiconductor switching devices.

IGBT power supply technology is mainly based on the switching characteristics of IGBT, that is, the turn-on and turn-off of IGBT is realized by controlling the gate voltage Uge. When the gate voltage Uge reaches the turn-on voltage, the IGBT is turned on; when Uge=0 or negative voltage, the IGBT is turned off. This characteristic of IGBT makes it very suitable for use in converter systems with DC voltages of 600V and above.

IGBT power technology is widely used in many fields

  1. Electric vehicles: IGBT is used in the electric drive system of electric vehicles to control the energy conversion of the battery and the drive motor of the electric vehicle.
  2. Frequency converter: IGBT is often used in frequency converters to convert DC power into AC power with adjustable frequency and voltage to control the speed and operating status of the motor.
  3. Renewable energy: IGBT is used in inverters in wind power and solar power systems to convert DC power into AC power for connection to the power network.
  4. Industrial power control system: IGBT is used in voltage regulators, DC power supplies, electric arc furnace controllers and other systems to provide efficient and reliable power conversion and control.
  5. Power transmission and distribution: IGBT is used in converters and inverters of high-voltage direct current transmission (HVDC) systems to ensure the stability and reliability of power transmission.

The main advantages of IGBT power technology are its high efficiency, constant current output and suitability for high voltage environments. By precisely controlling the flow of current, IGBT inverter DC constant current power supply can achieve constant current output and meet the current stability requirements of some specific applications. At the same time, IGBT is suitable for high-voltage environments and can withstand the requirements of high-voltage grids or power transmission systems.

——First release date: June 1, 2023


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