Medium Frequency Furnace using Furnace Technology

The various processes in the use of the medium frequency furnace are also very important to the service life of the furnace. Various improper operations may reduce the service life of the furnace. Therefore, the following points should be noted during use.

(1) Since the sintering layer of a new furnace is thinner, the use process of the new furnace is very important. The first furnace of the new furnace should be melted after 50% of the water is discharged, so as to avoid the lining being suddenly cooled and cracked after all the water is discharged. The new furnace should be melted continuously as much as possible to avoid cracks caused by intermittent melting and hot and cold. Generally, it should be melted continuously for 1 week. When using a new furnace, try to avoid strong impact on the furnace bottom and furnace wall when unloading materials to avoid peeling and cracking of the furnace lining under strong impact. Therefore, in order to obtain a high furnace life, the furnace process should be done well in the early stage of the furnace.

(2) Try to avoid high-temperature melting during the melting process. Under high temperature conditions, the furnace lining will react with the molten iron in a crucible, as shown in the following formula: SiO2 + 2C → Si + 2CO. The higher the temperature, the higher the C, and the lower the Si, the more severe the lining corrosion will be, especially when the furnace is new. Therefore, when melting, try to avoid high temperatures while ensuring the outlet water temperature. The outlet water temperature is 1490℃~1540℃, but it is generally controlled at 1490℃~1520℃ during the smelting process. It is worth mentioning that after the water is discharged, the power is turned off to keep it at a lower temperature. When the water is ready to be discharged, the temperature is raised according to the temperature of the previous bag of water. This can reduce the erosion of the high-temperature molten iron on the furnace lining, extend the service life of the furnace lining, and reduce power consumption. It is a good way to increase the furnace life and reduce power consumption.

(3) Avoid overheating of the furnace lining. Since the medium frequency furnace heats up very quickly, when the smelter is not careful, the charge will “bridge” and the furnace lining will be locally high temperature or even exceed the refractoriness of the furnace lining, which may cause the furnace lining to melt and corrode. Or when the furnace workers are not careful, the melting temperature is too high and the furnace lining may melt and corrode. This will greatly reduce the service life of the furnace lining. Therefore, during the melting process, you must pay attention at all times, such as the melting workers must frequently poke the materials, and the furnace workers must keep track of the temperature of the molten iron according to the color of the molten iron to ensure the safety of the furnace lining.


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