What is a Thyristor Intermediate Frequency Power Supply?

Thyristor intermediate frequency (IF) power supply is a crucial static frequency conversion device leveraging thyristor components to convert three-phase power frequency power into single-phase intermediate frequency power. This technology exhibits remarkable adaptability across various load applications, particularly in industrial sectors like metal smelting, insulation, sintering, welding, quenching, tempering, diathermy, molten metal purification, heat treatment, bending, and crystal growth.

The heart of the thyristor

At its core, the operational framework of a thyristor intermediate frequency power supply encompasses three key components: the DC power supply, control circuit, and inverter. When the control circuit issues a trigger signal to the thyristor, it activates, prompting the DC power supply to generate an instantaneously large AC voltage via the transformer. This AC voltage, after passing through the filter, transforms into a fluctuating DC voltage along a horizontal line. This fluctuating voltage drives the inverter to produce high-frequency AC voltage, ultimately directed to the load.


The primary function of the thyristor intermediate frequency power supply lies in its ability to convert DC power supply into controllable AC power, enabling adaptation to diverse load requirements in terms of type, power, and frequency. Moreover, owing to its array of advantages such as high overall efficiency, lightweight construction, low noise emission, rapid start and stop capabilities, and minimal impact on the power grid, this technology is gradually supplanting intermediate frequency generator sets.

The inverter circuit outputs intermediate frequency electric energy, which is then transmitted to the load through the induction coil for induction heating. This power supply system boasts automatic adjustment of output power during operation, ensuring the equipment consistently operates at maximum output power, thereby significantly enhancing process efficiency, such as melting speed.


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