Guidelines for Using and Maintaining the New Induction Crucible

Use Industrial Pure Iron for Cleaning and Maintenance:

Cleaning the induction crucible with industrial pure iron or low-carbon steel (carbon mass fraction ≤ 0.15%) is essential. This helps reduce molten steel penetration into cracks and promotes crack sintering due to the high melting point and low fluidity of the cleaning charge. It is particularly crucial for low-temperature sintering crucibles. Dispose of any potential defects by utilizing industrial pure iron due to its high melting point and poor fluidity.

Avoid Smelting Steel with High Fluidity Initially:

During the first five furnaces of operation, refrain from smelting high-carbon, high-manganese, high-silicon, and high-alloy steels in the new crucible. This precaution prevents steel leakage accidents resulting from liquid steel penetration into cracks. Instead, opt for smelting low-carbon chromium-containing steel initially.

Ensure Smooth Melting by Proper Filling:

Pay meticulous attention to the materials and filling process to prevent “bridging” during melting. Avoid impacting the crucible wall significantly. Fill the crucible to its maximum capacity to prolong smelting time and ensure smooth melting.

Carefully Monitor the Induction Crucible During Smelting:

Besides operating the new crucible with care, closely observe signs of steel leakage. Regularly check for abnormal coloration on the crucible wall and monitor fluctuations in supply voltage and current. Immediately cut off power for inspection upon detecting any anomaly to prevent steel leakage accidents. Additionally, observe the insulation condition between the turns of the inductor.

Check the Condition of the New Crucible After Smelting:

After the molten steel is smelted, inspect the inner surface of the crucible for bright spots or cracks. Pay particular attention to annular transverse cracks, which are more harmful, while longitudinal cracks are usually less harmful. Promptly clean and repair any defects and slag lines identified.

Induction Crucible

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