Intermittent Melting Principle of Intermediate Frequency Furnace Remelting

Application of intermittent melting principle in intermediate frequency furnace

At the beginning of smelting in an intermediate frequency furnace, the entire metal material to be melted is composed of small pieces of charge. Due to problems such as the feeding method, the density of the charge is only about 1/3 of the furnace capacity. At this time, the charge is a very poor electrical load and supplies power to the furnace. When power is input, the individual pieces of charge will arc and weld together. Once welded together, the entire furnace charge will become a large piece, thus improving the efficiency of the furnace.

The speed of arcing between single pieces of charge depends on the frequency. The physical and chemical properties of the metal to be melted are different, and the requirements for frequency are inconsistent. The smaller the particle size, the higher the frequency required. A higher frequency will also produce a faster melting speed.

Medium-frequency furnace remelting works on the principle of intermittent melting, which involves melting and solidifying materials in a controlled manner.

Induction heating: Medium-frequency furnaces use electromagnetic induction to generate heat within the material being melted. Alternating current (AC) is passed through the coil, creating a rapidly alternating magnetic field. When a conductive material is placed within this field, eddy currents are induced within the material, causing the material to heat up due to electrical resistance.

Intermittent Melting: Unlike continuous melting processes where the material is melted continuously, intermediate frequency furnace remelting involves melting the material in batches or intermittently. This means that the material is heated to its melting point, melts, and then solidifies before the process is repeated.

Controlled cooling: After each melting cycle, the material cools and solidifies. This controlled cooling process helps refine the material’s microstructure, improving its mechanical properties and overall quality.

Batch processing: Medium frequency furnace remelting is often used for batch processing of materials. This allows for better control of the melting process and the ability to produce materials with specific properties tailored to the intended application.

Intermittent melting in intermediate frequency furnace remelting allows precise control of the melting process, thereby improving material quality and performance.


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