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20 Ton Induction Furnace Price

20 Ton Induction Furnace Price

Product Description

Product Description

SG Furnace is a professional induction furnace manufacturer, You can get the latest and most cost-effective 20 ton induction furnace price.

The 20-ton induction furnace is a larger product. Generally speaking, the tonnage range of intermediate frequency furnaces is between 0.35 tons and 20 tons, and 20-ton induction furnaces are the large equipment in them. This induction furnace is usually used in large-scale casting and smelting enterprises, which can melt a variety of metals, including iron, steel, copper, aluminum, etc., and is one of the important equipment in industrial production.

The working principle of an induction furnace is mainly to heat the metal through electromagnetic induction to make it reach a molten state. During the melting process, the metal is placed underneath the induction coil, and a strong electromagnetic force acts on the metal, causing the metal to quickly heat up and eventually melt into a liquid. This heating method makes the metal melt faster and the temperature more uniform, improving the quality and efficiency of the melting.

With the continuous advancement and application of science and technology, induction furnaces are more and more widely used in industrial production and have become an important processing method. With the large-scale and intelligent equipment, the technology and equipment of induction furnace are also constantly updated and improved, which brings more convenience and development space to industrial production.

Product Parameters

Rated Capacity20T
Rated Power Range10000KW
Frequency Range250Hz
Inline Voltage Range575-1500V


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