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30 ton induction furnace

30 Ton Induction Furnace, Melting Steel, Iron, Zinc, Copper

Product Description

Product Description

The 30 ton induction furnace is a relatively large piece of equipment that can meet most melting needs.

This steel shell melting furnace is mainly used for smelting various scrap metals, iron, steel, copper, and aluminum. It mainly consists of a furnace body, power control cabinet, capacitor rack, and hydraulic station. The equipment can work continuously for 24 hours and has a self-checking function and a water leakage alarm device, which can detect water temperature, water pressure, overcurrent, overvoltage, and phase failure information in real-time.

Anatomical drawing of hydraulic steel shell furnace


1、Cyclone dust cover
3、Furnace panel
4、Magnetic yoke
6、Cast gem
7、Cooling pipe
9、Furnace frame
30 ton induction furnace

Product Parameters

Rated Capacity30 Ton
Rated Power Range12000 KW
Frequency Range250 Hz
Inline Voltage Range575 V – 1500 V


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