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copper induction melting furnace

Copper Induction Melting Furnace, 50 kg to 30 ton

Rated Capacity
50 kg to 30 ton

Rated Power
30 KW to 12000 KW

Rated Frequency
250 Hz to 2500 Hz

Rated Voltage Range
380V to 1000V

Product Description

Copper alloy and copper induction melting furnaces are mainly used to melt copper, brass, copper, bronze and other copper alloys for subsequent casting, forging or other processing. These melting furnaces are efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and can meet the needs of enterprises of different sizes and production needs.


  • The use of advanced heating technology and design enables the melting furnace to quickly heat up and evenly melt the copper alloy, improving production efficiency.
  • By optimizing the furnace structure and heating element configuration, energy consumption is reduced and production costs are reduced.
  • The melting furnace has a compact design and a small footprint, which is easy to install and maintain.
  • Less smoke and dust is generated during the melting process, which is conducive to improving the working environment and protecting the health of workers.
  • The melting furnace is easy to operate and easy to master, reducing operating errors and safety hazards.


Rated CapacityRated PowerRated FrequencyRated Input Voltage
0.05-0.5T30 – 200KW700 – 2500Hz380 – 720V
0.7T300KW700Hz380 – 720V
1T400KW700Hz380 – 720V
1.5T600KW700Hz380 – 720V
2T800KW500Hz380 – 720V
3T1250KW500Hz380 – 720V
5T2000KW500Hz575 – 1000V
10T4000KW500Hz575 – 1000V
20T8000KW250Hz575 – 1500V
30T12000KW250Hz575 – 1500V

1. Cyclone dust cover; 2. Burner; 3. Furnace panel; 4 .Magnetic yoke;
5. Cylinder; 6. Castgem; 7. Cooling pipe; 8. coil; 9. Furnace frame;


Copper and copper alloy melting furnaces are widely used in casting, forging, metallurgy, machinery and other fields, and are one of the indispensable equipment in the copper alloy processing process.


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