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Aluminum Induction Melting Furnace

Melting Body Material: Steel Shell
Capacity: 300 kg – 20 ton
Power Supply: IGBT Medium Frequency Power Supply
Materials Acceptable: Aluminum, Scrap Aluminum
Configuration: Melting Body, Power Supply Cabinet

Product Description

Product Description

When proceeding with an aluminum induction melting furnace, there are many important aspects to consider. First of all, the aluminum induction melting furnace is a device that uses the principle of induction heating to melt aluminum. This device uses electromagnetic induction to convert electrical energy into heat energy, causing the aluminum material to quickly reach the melting point and melt.

Aluminum induction melting furnaces have many advantages. First, they are generally very efficient, heating aluminum materials quickly and evenly. This helps reduce energy consumption and improve productivity. Secondly, induction furnaces are relatively simple to operate and the control system is flexible and can be adjusted as needed.

In addition, aluminum induction melting furnaces are widely used in industrial fields, especially in aluminum alloy production and recycling. Due to its high efficiency and environmental protection, many companies choose to use this technology for aluminum melting and processing.

When it comes to sales, understanding customer needs is very important. Companies of different sizes and industries may have different needs for aluminum induction melting furnaces, such as production capacity, degree of automation, energy conservation, and environmental protection. Therefore, as a sales manager, being able to provide customized solutions based on the specific needs of customers will be very competitive.

In addition to the characteristics of the product itself, after-sales service and technical support are also very important considerations for customers when choosing suppliers. Providing good after-sales support and technical services can enhance customers’ trust in products and establish long-term cooperative relationships.

Do you have any specific questions or things you need to know about aluminum induction melting furnaces? I can provide more detailed information.

Aluminum Induction Melting Furnace

Product Parameters

Rated Capacity300 kg – 20 ton
Rated Power Range200 KW – 10000 KW
Frequency Range700 Hz – 250 Hz
Inline Voltage Range380 V – 720 V / 575 V – 1000 V


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