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brass melting furnace

Brass Melting Furnace

Rated Capacity
50 kg to 30 ton

Rated Power
30 KW to 12000 KW

Rated Frequency
250 Hz to 2500 Hz

Rated Voltage Range
380V to 1000V

Product Description

Shenguang Induction melting furnace is a professional brass induction furnace manufacturer.

Basic Principle

The induction furnace mainly uses the principle of electromagnetic induction heating to melt brass. When the brass material is placed in the induction coil of the induction furnace, the strong variable magnetic field generated by the induction coil will induce eddy currents inside the brass material. These eddy currents will cause the brass material to heat up rapidly until it reaches the melting point and melts into a liquid state.

What is brass?

Brass is mainly composed of copper and zinc. If it is composed of only copper and zinc, it is called ordinary brass. If it contains more than two elements, it is called special brass.

brass melting furnace

Brass melting furnace features

Fast heating speed: The heating speed of the induction melting furnace is very fast, usually only 5-10 minutes are needed to make the brass material reach the melting temperature. This greatly improves production efficiency.

High energy efficiency: The induction melting furnace has relatively high energy efficiency, high furnace temperature, and good material signal, which can minimize energy loss and save production costs.

Good melting environment: The melting environment of the induction melting furnace is better than other types of melting furnaces. The furnace is not polluted by air and other factors, which effectively reduces the generation of impurities and improves the quality of brass products.

Easy operation: The induction melting furnace is easy to operate and heats up quickly, which reduces the workload of furnace workers. At the same time, the use of advanced frequency conversion equipment and furnace structure makes the smelting process more stable and reliable.


Induction melting furnace melting brass is widely used in the production of brass products, such as manufacturing valves, water pipes, radiators, etc. At the same time, after recycling and processing, scrap copper can also be used as raw material for induction melting furnace melting to achieve the recycling of resources.



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