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Material for Induction Furnace

Product Description

Product Description

Coil grout material is a coating material used on the inside surface of coreless inductor coils. It should be applied evenly to the inner surface of the coil at a thickness of approximately 2 mm. Used between coils to provide insulation. Add approximately 12%-14% water for a uniform application. Coil putty is used for the induction coil of the medium-frequency coreless induction furnace. It is evenly applied on its surface and ramps to provide a good insulation effect. It effectively prevents coil ignition caused by coil aging and water leakage, and also effectively prevents the temperature of molten steel from being too high. And caused by the furnace. It is recommended that minor repairs be carried out 8 hours before building the furnace to allow it to dry. Major repairs or new coils should be done the day before furnace construction.

1. It plays an insulating role between coil turns.

2. You can apply new coils or make coil repair compounds.

3. High thermal conductivity.

4. It can prevent the occurrence and expansion of furnace penetration to the greatest extent.

Coil grout material has the characteristics of high strength, high density, and high insulation. It is a corundum clay specially designed to protect the coils of coreless induction furnaces. Coil grout mastic has good viscosity and is very easy to apply. The smooth surface created by the coating on the coils cushions the expansion and contraction of the working lining. In addition, coil mud can also effectively prevent the leakage of molten metal and protect the coil from breakdown by molten metal.

Coil Grout

Product Detail

Advantages and features:

The red color makes it easy to spot the slurry layer when removing the furnace lining.

Used to insulate between coil turns.

It can be used to apply a new coil slurry or repair an existing coil slurry layer.

Construction method:

Use the trowel to apply.

Induction coil protection material 25KG/pack.

Product Parameters

Construction parametersRecommended application thickness≥ 6 mm
Amount of water added≈ 14 %
Bulk density≥ 2.3g/cm3
Maintenance time≥ 8 hours
Physical and chemical parametersAl₂O₃≥ 70%
Fe₂O₃≤ 0.5%
granularity≤ 3mm
Maximum operating temperature1600℃


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