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Copper Melting Furnace

Copper Melting Furnace, Efficient, Precise Metal Processing

Model: SGGWS
Rated Power: 30KW ~ 12000KW
Rated Frequency: 250Hz to 2500Hz
Rated Voltage Range: 575 ~ 1500V
Price Range: Customized quote

Product Description

Copper Melting Furnace Parameters

Product Detail

Using copper melting furnaces for metalworking operations, ShenGuang’s top-of-the-line industrial induction furnaces provide unparalleled precision and efficiency for the melting and refining of copper and other non-ferrous metals.
Made with advanced technology, the furnace provides consistent and controlled heating for optimum alloying, casting, and refining results. Its cutting-edge features ensure excellent heat distribution, reducing energy consumption and processing time. Our copper furnaces are built for reliability and longevity with intuitive controls and rugged construction.
Ideal for foundries, metalworking facilities, and fabrication plants, this furnace will revolutionize your copper processing, maximizing productivity and quality.
Copper Melting Furnace

Product Parameters

Rated Capacity
50kg – 30T
Rated Power Range
30KW – 12000KW
Frequency Range
250Hz – 2500Hz
Inline Voltage Range
380 – 720V or 575~1500V

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