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GYT Frequency Induction Furnace

GYT Frequency Induction Furnace

Item No: GYT-0.15-45

Product Description

Product Detail

The industrial frequency core induction furnace has a fast melting speed, and the input power can be continuously adjusted according to the process. There is no hump on the liquid surface during the melting process, and the metal burning loss is small. It is especially suitable for melting flammable light metals. The three-phase current imbalance of the equipment is less than 10%.

The equipment is suitable for heating copper, aluminum, zinc, magnesium, and silver, and is also used for copper, zinc, chrome, nickel plating, and other energy-saving and environmental protection equipment on the surface of supporting metal materials. It does not need sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, and other chemicals to clean.

Equipped with equipment The horizontal continuous casting tractor is suitable for the production and processing of pipes, rods, molds, wires, and ingots, and the supporting semi-continuous casting equipment is suitable for the production and processing of large-scale round ingots, flat ingots, and copper rods (pipes), etc.

The equipment is widely used Used in wires, cables, electronics, locks, plumbing equipment, refrigeration, and other industries.

Product Parameters

Rated capactiy0.15t
Max capactiy0.3t
Rated power45kw
Working temperature1250℃
Melting rate0.50.2t/h
Melting time50-60min
Energy consumption330kwh/t
Transformer capacity75kva
Water cooling5t/h

core induction furnace

core type induction furnace



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