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Aluminum shell small square furnace

Small Aluminum Melting Furnace, Square

Rated Capacity: 50kg – 400kg
Price Range: From $5000
Material: Aluminum

Product Description

Product Details

Small aluminum melting furnace occupy less space but are powerful, making them ideal for factories, laboratories, and personal warehouses.
As a professional manufacturer, we update and improve aluminum melting furnaces every year to ensure that our furnaces have the best safety performance to protect operators from high temperatures. Our stoves are made of strong materials and equipped with a safe cooling mechanism, making them safer during use. At the same time, the furnace is easy to operate and has complete safety features, suitable for both experienced workers and beginners in the art of metal casting.
Our furnace also pays attention to energy saving and environmental protection. The closed structure minimizes heat loss, improves energy efficiency, and ensures uniform heat distribution in the furnace body. Due to the fast heating speed and uniform and controllable heating, the product output quality is stable and reliable.
Small aluminum melting furnaces are cutting-edge industrial equipment designed for small-scale aluminum smelting and processing needs, providing efficient and precise heating for a variety of applications, including melting aluminum scrap, alloying, and heat treating.

small aluminum melting furnace


Product Parameters

Rated Capacity50kg – 400kg
Rated Power Range50 – 300KW
Frequency Range1000 – 2500Hz
Inline Voltage Range380 – 720V


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