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induction furnace for copper melting

Induction Furnace for Copper Melting

Melting Body Material: Steel Shell
Capacity: 0.05T – 30T
Power Supply: IGBT Medium Frequency Power Supply
Materials Acceptable: Cooper, Scrap Copper
Configuration: Melting Body, Power Supply Cabinet

Product Description

We are a professional manufacturer of induction furnace for copper melting, and we are committed to providing efficient, reliable, and energy-saving solutions to meet your metal smelting needs. Especially in the smelting applications of copper, scrap copper, and copper alloys.

Product Detail

Application of induction furnace technology in copper smelting:
Induction furnaces are an advanced heating technology that has been widely used in the field of metal smelting. In the copper smelting process, induction furnaces have unique advantages.

induction furnace for copper melting


High-temperature control accuracy: The induction furnace can accurately control the furnace temperature to ensure that the melting and cooling process of the copper alloy proceeds as required. This helps reduce scrap rates and improve product quality.

Rapid heating: Induction furnaces can heat metal quickly, greatly reducing heating time and improving production efficiency.

Energy efficiency: Induction furnaces work on the principle of efficient electromagnetic induction, which minimizes energy waste and reduces energy costs.

Environmental protection: Compared with traditional combustion smelting methods, induction furnaces do not produce harmful gases or waste gases, helping to reduce negative impacts on the environment.

Scrap copper recycling and copper alloy smelting:
Copper scrap recycling is an important sustainability initiative, and induction furnace technology plays a key role in this. Our induction furnace can effectively process scrap copper and melt it into high-quality copper alloy, thereby reducing resource waste and saving costs.

Product Parameters

Rated Capacity0.05T – 30T
Rated Power Range30KW – 12000KW
Frequency Range700Hz – 250Hz
Inline Voltage Range380 ~ 1500V

We promise to provide you with the following services:

Customized Solutions: We will provide customized induction furnace solutions based on your needs to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

Training and Support: We provide training and technical support to ensure your team can get the most out of induction furnace technology.

After-sales service: We provide comprehensive after-sales service, including maintenance, repair, and spare parts supply, to ensure that your production process continues to operate efficiently.

Logistics and transportation


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