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induction furnace for steel melting

Induction Furnace for Steel Melting

Product Description

Product Detail

Induction furnace for steel melting harness the power of advanced induction heating technology to provide exceptional efficiency and precision for melting and alloying steel.
Induction furnaces for steel melting have a robust and reliable design that ensures even heat distribution throughout the melting process, resulting in shorter melting times and lower energy consumption. Say goodbye to long waits and exorbitant energy costs. With its precise temperature control system, the furnace allows precise alloying and metal composition adjustments, guaranteeing consistently high-quality steel products.
Whether you’re working with various steel grades, scrap metal or alloy materials, this machine can handle it with ease. From foundries to steel mills and metal processing facilities, the furnace meets the needs of a wide range of industrial applications, complemented by user-friendly controls and advanced safety features.
Induction furnaces for steel melting increase productivity, reduce downtime, and provide significant cost savings. Thrive in efficiency and profitability.

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Product Parameters

Rated Capacity12T
Rated Power Range7000~8000KW
Frequency Range250Hz
Inline Voltage Range575~1500V


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