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Aluminium Scrap Induction Melting Furnace for Sale

Aluminium Scrap Induction Melting Furnace for Sale

Melting Body Material: Steel Shell
Capacity: 1 Ton
Power Supply: IGBT Medium Frequency Power Supply
Materials Acceptable: Aluminum, Scrap Aluminum
Configuration: Melting Body, Power Supply Cabinet

Product Description

Product Description

Professional induction furnace manufacturer, large factory, producing aluminum induction melting furnace for sale.

induction melting furnace for sale


Induction Coil: The heart of the furnace, consists of copper tubing through which alternating current (AC) passes, creating a magnetic field. This field induces eddy currents within the metal charge, generating heat through resistance.

Crucible: A refractory-lined container where the aluminum scrap or alloy is placed for melting. It withstands high temperatures and contains the molten metal.

Power Supply: The source of electricity that powers the induction coil, usually providing high-frequency alternating current for efficient heating.

Cooling System: To prevent overheating of the equipment, induction furnaces employ cooling systems, often using water or other coolants to maintain optimal operating temperatures.

Controls and Sensors: These regulate the power input, temperature, and other parameters, ensuring precise control over the melting process.

Product Parameters

Rated Capacity1 Ton
Rated Power Range500 KW
Frequency Range500 Hz
Inline Voltage Range380 – 720 V


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