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induction metal melting furnace

Induction Metal Melting Furnace for Steel

Melting Body Material: Steel Shell
Capacity: 15 ton
Power Supply: IGBT Medium Frequency Power Supply
Materials Acceptable: iron, scrap iron, steel etc.
Configuration: Melting Body, Power Supply Cabinet

Product Description

Product Detail

Shenguang is a professional induction metal melting furnace manufacturer, engineered to meet the rigorous demands of iron and steel melting processes.

Our induction furnaces are a testament to innovation and reliability and are the cornerstone of efficient, precise, and high-volume steel melting processes.

Backed by advanced technology and engineered for optimal performance, it is the pinnacle of excellence in the metallurgical industry.

Induction Metal Melting Furnace


High Melting Capacity: With a robust 10-ton capacity, this furnace is adept at handling substantial quantities of iron and steel, ideal for industrial-scale melting operations.

Electric Induction Technology: Utilizing cutting-edge induction technology, this furnace ensures uniform heating, optimal energy efficiency, and precise temperature control throughout the melting process.

Advanced Control Systems: Equipped with sophisticated control panels and monitoring systems, operators have real-time access to temperature regulation, power consumption, and other critical parameters for seamless operation and precise melting conditions.

Durability and Safety: Built with high-quality, heat-resistant materials, and incorporating advanced safety features, this furnace guarantees longevity and operator security during operation.

Adaptability and Versatility: Designed for versatility, it accommodates various shapes and sizes of raw materials, offering flexibility in the melting process while maintaining consistency in output quality.

Efficient Power Consumption: Engineered for efficiency, this furnace optimizes power consumption, reducing operational costs without compromising on performance.


  • Increases productivity due to its high melting capacity
  • Ensures uniform and high-quality molten metal output
  • Reduces energy costs through efficient electric induction technology
  • Provides a safe and controlled melting environment
  • Enhances operational efficiency with advanced control systems

Product Parameters

Rated Capacity15T
Rated Power Range8000 ~ 9000KW
Frequency Range250Hz
Inline Voltage Range575 ~1500V


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