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Industrial Induction Furnace, Medium Frequency Electric Furnace

Product Description

Product Detail

High efficiency: Industrial induction furnaces can quickly heat the metal to the required temperature because they utilize the principle of electromagnetic induction to generate heat directly within the metal, avoiding the loss of heat transfer that can occur in conventional furnaces.

Precise control: These furnaces allow precise control of the heating process, including temperature, heating time, and other parameters, thus ensuring that the metal is heated to the exact temperature required, which is particularly important in production processes where temperature requirements are very high.

Automatizable: Industrial induction furnaces can be integrated with automation systems, allowing the heating process to be automated and programmed, increasing productivity and reducing the potential for human error.

Environmentally friendly: Industrial induction furnaces are more environmentally friendly than traditional gas or coal heating as they produce no soot, exhaust fumes, or greenhouse gases while utilizing energy more efficiently and reducing energy waste.

Versatility: These furnaces can heat a wide range of metals and are suitable for workpieces of different shapes and sizes, making them widely used in many industries such as metalworking, smelting, and heat treatment.

Product Parameters

Rated Capacity50 kg – 60 tons, custom
Rated Power Range50 KW – 35000 KW, custom
Frequency Range150 Hz – 2500 Hz
Inline Voltage Range380 V – 1500 V


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