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Reducer Steel Shell Furnace

Coreless Induction Furnace, Steel Shell, Reducer

Model: SGGWRS-2T
Rated Capacity: 2T
Rated Power: 1500KW ~ 2000KW
Rated Frequency: 500Hz
Rated Voltage Range: 380~ 1000V
Price Range: From 1000 US Dollars

Product Description

Product Detail

The Coreless Induction Furnace is a state-of-the-art piece of industrial equipment designed to revolutionize the metal melting and alloying process.
With innovative technology and solid construction, induction furnaces offer unrivaled performance and efficiency.
The induction furnace ensures even heat distribution throughout the melting chamber, minimizing energy loss and maximizing productivity.
The induction heating system of the induction furnace provides precise temperature control for precise alloying and adjustment of metal composition, whether it is iron, steel, copper or aluminum, it can easily process various metals.
The versatility of the coreless induction furnace makes it the ideal solution for foundries, metal processing facilities and fabrication plants looking to optimize their metal melting and alloying processes.
Coreless induction furnaces not only increase productivity but also improve the quality of metal products.
Precise temperature control ensures consistent results and reduces the risk of defects and inconsistencies.
Improve the strength, durability and integrity of metal alloys with this advanced furnace.
Boost your metalworking capabilities and embrace the future of industrial technology with a coreless induction furnace.

coreless induction furnace

Product Parameters

Rated Capacity
Rated Power Range
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