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Hydraulic small square furnace

Small Induction Melting furnace, Hydraulic, Square, 50kg-200kg

Item No: SGGWS
Rated Capacity: 50kg-200kg
Price Range: From $5000

Product Description

Product Detail

The small induction melting furnace body is mainly suitable for smelting systems with small quantities and is widely used in precision casting and powder metallurgy industries. Its transmission system is a hydraulic ejection type.
The small induction melting furnace is a simple and efficient melting system, which can melt 50kg to 200kg of metal at the same time, suitable for small factories and laboratories, and can exert the maximum effect in a limited space.
Using electromagnetic induction heating technology, it can ensure the rapid and uniform melting of metals, realize high-precision control and keep product quality consistent.
Operator safety is guaranteed with advanced insulation and cooling mechanisms, and the intuitive operating system allows temperature adjustment and monitoring.
Although the small induction melting furnace is small, it has high heating efficiency, is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, saves electricity consumption, and has little impact on the environment.

small induction melting furnace

Product Parameters

Rated Capacity0.05~0.4T
Rated Power Range50~300KW
Frequency Range1000~2500Hz
Inline Voltage Range380~720V


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