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steel induction furnace

Steel Induction Furnace, Efficient Metal Melting

Model: SGGWS
Rated Capacity: 10T
Rated Power: 5000 – 6000KW
Rated Frequency: 500Hz
Rated Voltage Range: 575V ~ 1000V
Price Range: From 1000 US Dollars

Product Description

Product Detail

Steel induction furnace is custom-built for steel heating, forging, and heat treatment applications, utilizing the innovative technology of electromagnetic induction to provide fast, controlled heating, ensuring optimum results and consistent quality output.
The furnace body of the steel induction furnace adopts an innovative design to ensure uniform heat distribution, effectively reduce energy waste and significantly shorten processing time. Say goodbye to long wait times and embrace streamlined workflows with this highly efficient furnace at the heart of your steel processing facility.
Precision-engineered and intelligent control systems, high-efficiency steel induction furnaces maximize productivity while minimizing energy consumption. Using electromagnetic induction to generate intense heat inside the crucible ensures fast and uniform melting of steel and other alloys.
Safety and user-friendliness are the first and foremost features of high-efficiency steel induction furnaces. It’s automated controls and built-in safety mechanisms ensure smooth operation and protect operators from potential hazards.
Invest in a high-efficiency steel induction furnace for unprecedented efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in metal melting. Experience faster melt times, increased productivity, and reduced operating costs, setting a new benchmark in metal fabrication.
steel induction furnace

Product Parameters

Rated Capacity8T
Rated Power Range5000 – 6000 KW
Frequency Range500Hz
Inline Voltage Range575 – 1000 V


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